Christian Religious Education (CRE)

As early as 2010 Pepo Epara, the Education Secretary for the Good News Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (GLCPNG) recognized the need in the Lutheran elementary schools in the Enga Province for additional printed resources. He and Dennis Denow, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod mission education executive based in Bangkok, Thailand arranged for a full 40-foot container of books to be collected by Orphan Grain Train in Nebraska for shipment to the GLCPNG for distribution to over thirty schools. A second container was also shipped to the GLCPNG in 2012, and again the books were sorted by missionary Julie Lutz and others and then distributed for use to the church’s primary schools.

In 2015 the Papua New Guinea Mission Society became involved through the influence of Todd and Jan Luedtke, who were volunteering at Highlands Lutheran International School as religion instructor and early childhood facilitator. That year, PNGMS funded the purchase of Bibles for over three hundred teachers in the GLC primary schools.  These Bibles were largely delivered in person, and short faculty development meetings were arranged at each school to encourage strong programs in Christian Religious Education (CRE).  Leme Yaka, GLCPNG Education Officer accompanied the Luedtkes and assisted in distributing the books and leading the meetings.

In 2017, the Luedtkes and Leme Yaka again visited multiple GLC primary schools, this time to distribute copies of Baibel Stori Bilong Ol Pikinini and pidgin catechisms to teachers, again with the objective of providing resources for strong lessons in CRE.  Later in the year a workshop was held to explore the development of lesson plans for CRE lessons at the various grade levels.  Subsequently Barbara Arnold’s Christian Education guidebooks for teaching Christian Religious Education were purchased and distributed as a detailed teacher CRE resource.  The banner picture above shows the student body assembly at Wamapisa Lutheran Primary School at Yaramanda, and the picture gallery below illustrates the distribution of the Bibles and other CRE resources to teachers in various other GLC primary schools in 2015.