Enga Bible Translation

This page is not specifically a project sponsored by PNGMS. Rather it is a special project that involves many missionaries and Enga national personnel. It is the translation of the Bible, in particular the New Testament, into the Enga vernacular. It is a project that has been in process since early missionaries first encountered the Enga people and began to learn the Enga language.

About ten years ago Rev. Maniosa Yakasa of the Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (GLCPNG), together with other Enga translators of various denominations teamed up with Rev. Adam Boyd, an Assemblies of God pastor trained in linguistics and translation to begin the formal process, in cooperation with the Summer Institute of Linguistics at Ukarumpa, of revising the Enga New Testament published in the 1980s.

Rev. Boyd has written a complete history of the process of translating the Bible into Enga as linked below. The draft linked here, however, is not his final version as yet and he invites comments and suggestions by those interested and especially those involved in the historical process. Please contact him at adam@adam-boyd.com As the final copy of this document becomes available, it will be posted here for PNGMS membership to read and enjoy.