Unity in Grace 2011

The 2011 PNGMS Bung in St. Louis July 29-30, was a huge success with about 75 in attendance. A highlight of the gathering was the presence of six guests from PNG: Ezekiel Peter, Jacob Luke, Governor Peter Ipatas, Dian Roo and two other Government officials. We were privileged to hear the state of the country and the Gutnius Lutheran Church from their perspective. All expressed their gratitude for the firm foundation they received at St. Paul’s Lutheran High School and their gratitude for all the missionaries who served in various capacities in PNG. All of the men expressed a desire to attend bungs in the future and their hope that the PNGMS would continue in its support of the church in PNG, both financially and through the sending of support staff/missionaries.

They were very grateful for the upcoming visits of John Mehl (LCMS Asia Director), Ron and Mary Anne Rall, Harvey and Norita Kath, and Roy and Judy Schache. They also expressed the desire for more permanent staff in the areas of education and theological training. The gathering was also blessed by the attendance of Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Rev. John Mehl and Rev. David Birner from the LCMS Board for Missions.

As usual, many friendships were made and renewed at the bung, family pictures were shared and pictures from the “old” days were shown. Leroy Eckert, a former missionary translator who suffered a stroke just before our last St. Louis bung, made a surprise appearance—it was great to see Lois and Leroy! Perhaps most importantly, bonds were strengthened and plans were made to continue the PNGMS support of the Gutnius Lutheran Church. With God’s help, we will do it! The offerings received at the bung were a true expression of the depth of our commitment to continue in the partnership of the Gospel with our GLC brothers and sisters. 

Names thanks to Dorothy Degnitz and friends.
First row sitting from left: Maria Heidorn, Priscilla Heidorn, Jill and Otto Hintze, Harley and Donna Kopitske and Dorothy Degnitz.
Second row: Norita, Harvey and Kristina Kath, Janet Borchard, Nancy Kunert, Dion Roo, Mary Anne Rall, Gov. Sir Peter Ipatas, Linda Teske, Woody Woodburn, Donna Meyer, Carolyn Drum Costley, Karen Zertuche Price and Charla Wolff.
Third and fourth row – first two couples: Gary and Mary Tumlison and Fred and Sherry Rengsdorf.
Third row continued: Mavis and Mike Herman, Jacob Luke, Garry Wolff, and Rosalie Hett.
Fourth row continued: Harry and Mike Steffens, Eunice Hausler, Dottie Kahre, Sylvia Hemmann and Paula and Nancy Micken.
Top row: Mark Heidorn, Ron Rall, Bob Holst, Dan Kunert, Linda Herman, Gene Hemmann, Dick and Loretta Adler, Ray Hausler, Roy Schache, Jim Kahre, Judy Schache, Doug Micken, Gary Teske, David and Lois Birner and Joe Herman.