Sowing Seed 2003

Voices of praise rang out in Melanesian Pidgin as nearly 100 members of the Papua New Guinea Mission Society (PNGMS) gathered for their second biennial convention at Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Louis, MO on July 11-12, 2003.

So begins the news release linked below. The release continues by explaining the beginnings and purpose of PNGMS and then reporting that goodly sums of money have been raised for the support of various projects with the Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea.

The bung included a presentation by pioneer missionary Dr. Bill Burce and a panel discussion led by Earl Bracewell and featuring the persons in the banner picture above: Harry Steffens, Dr. Steve and Julie Lutz, Rev. Terry Borchard and Earl himself. It also included a worship service focusing the theme of “Scattering Seeds,” (linked below) as well as ample time for renewing and enriching old friendships.